Baby Elyzabeth

Little did I know five years ago when Lindsey and I met, that I would have the honor of photographing one of her daughter’s first few hours of life. Lindsey and I worked together at an eye clinic in Denver for a few years until eventually our lives took us in different directions. I took a job across town and Lindsey stayed home to raise her first daughter, Elynor. We stayed in touch and I photographed sweet little Elynor several times before she turned one year old. I absolutely loved getting to see them every few months and to see how much Elynor had grown up.

When Lindsey told me that she was pregnant again, I couldn’t have been happier for her! We texted each other over the next few months. She was checking up on how I was handling being a new mother and I was checking in to make sure that she was having a comfortable pregnancy. One day I gently suggested birthing photography for her upcoming birth and was curious of her take on it. Obviously birth photography is very personal and I didn’t want to be pushy. I assured her that I would get creative with angles and make sure the images were discreet. I also didn’t want to interrupt their day. I could be a fly on the wall and out of their way. To my delight, she was ecstatic and she agreed to be the first birth that I would attend and photograph! I started to count down the days until her due date….

On the morning of May 5th, I received a text from Lindsey telling me that she was at the hospital but wasn’t far enough along yet for me to come. We kept in touch throughout the day and a few hours later I got a text from her telling me that things were getting intense. I hit the road immediately, but little baby Elyzabeth was on her own timeline- she was ready to greet the world faster than I could make it there! Within less than an hour from her message, baby Elyzbeth was born. The birth went smoothly and Lindsey was finally able to have the unmedicated birth that she had always wanted!

When I entered the birthing room, Lindsey and her husband, Philip, were beaming from ear to ear. To my surprise, Lindsey didn’t even look like she had broken a sweat! She was encased in a cloud of new mom euphoria that only a mother can understand. It is one of the proudest moments in her life when she finally gets to meet the child that she has been nourishing for the past nine months. The air in the room was serene and joyous all at once. I was so happy and proud of my friend. <3

Elyzabeth was born with a head full of hair, piercing blue eyes and an old soul. Although I didn’t make it in time to document Lindsey’s labor and delivery, I was able to capture many of baby Elyzabeth’s firsts. I photographed her meeting her big sister and grandmother for the first time, her first exam, and her first bath- which she loved! I photographed Elyzabeth and Elynor nursing together for the first time. The image of Elynor looking into the camera while both of them are nursing brings me to tears every time I see it. Lindsey is an incredible mother, nursing two children at once is no easy task!

I feel so honored that I was let into their room that day. It was an incredible experience to witness a family grow right before my eyes and I’ll never forget it. Thank you so much, Lindsey, for letting me share that special day with you and your family!

Here are my favorites from Elyzabeth’s day of birth:





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